About me

Hello friends,
My name is nagendra sahu from Bhilai chhattisgarh.

Recently I had completed my graduation of 3 years in journalism and mass communication from Bhilai

And currently I’m in wardha district in maharashtra here I’m continuing my studies in Mahatmagandhi Antarrashtriy Hindi Vishwavidyalaya following subject Masters in mass communications

Here I’m sharing something about me.I like to talk to those people’s who understand my thoughts and feelings, I like those people’s who has same Kind of mind of same track match with me.I use less word, I talk less to anyone, I don’t like to open myself with anyone easily and I do then that person is special one for me.I like to talk about in some different topics or subjects related to for example, universe, globe,stars,future science, knowledge, facts,life science, history, sex, technology, discovery, invention, and many more.My hobby is to listening music, poetry, writing story, internet surfing, spending time alone and thinking.I like to spend time alone in peace and making scenarios about future life about my family and problems I m facing in my life.I also like to give speech to my frends and people’s and motivate them about life and health. I help people’s to solve there problems and giving good advices also, which gives me more experience about life through which I get encourage to think and thinking makes my knowledge upgrade.

I store many secrets and difficulties and



pain of my life, I m learning and taking experiences lessons from others failures and success and trying to fix up all the problems and making my self up.

I matured enough to understand every thing what happening around me, I’m in that stage of life now were I don’t like to celebrate weather it is some festival or someone’s birthday.







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